Sacred Postpartum is the lost art of honoring women who have given birth. Crossing the threshold from maiden to mother is a massive transition.

The Art of Sacred Postpartum is:

Honoring- the rite of passage from maiden to mother must be marked and honored and valued. Women must feel valued for the accomplishments. They need a ceremony to mark this transition.

Warming- it is important for women to immediately postpartum be warmed. The act of birthing a baby is a cooling for the body and requires heating to restore balance

Sealing- the entire pregnancy and birthing process is about "opening", spiritually, mentally, and physically, but once the baby is born, the body requires "sealing" or closing that which has been opened and is raw and vulnerable. This is critical for proper holistic postpartum healing.

Binding- belly binding is a process to which a woman's belly is bound tightly right after giving birth. This act should be done ceremoniously and with pure intention to honor the woman. This tradition of scared belly binding serves many functions, but fore-mostly aids in warming and closing the body post-birth.

Sacred Postpartum helps women regain physical and emotional balance that is needed after birth. This spiritual time deserves reverence, humility, care, and warmth to help a woman heal and seal her birth process.  Sacred postpartum is a way for me to assist a woman ceremonially close the door to her pregnancy and open the door to motherhood.


Belly Binding- Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional Malaysian method of binding a new mother’s abdomen and hips. Binding is an effective and important part of a woman’s recovery. The binding provides holistic support to the abdominal and pelvic muscles. It helps with abdominal wall retraction, improve posture, stabilize ligaments, and improve posture as the body returns to pre-pregnancy state.

Ceremonial Bath- Another way to close the birth process is through a ceremonial bath. The ceremonial bath is unique to each woman, specifically created for her, and is a sacred time for the mother to be honored and to process her birth journey. The baby can join the mother in the bath and have a special relaxing, soothing, and bonding moment together. Tradition is to wait until the 44th day post birth, but you can have your bath as early as 1-2 weeks after birth.

Ceremonial tuck-in- helps new mothers to relax, process her childbirth experience, and begin to transition from maiden to mother. An important process in this transition is by closing the birth process. One of the ways to close the birth process is a ceremonial tuck-in. The mother is given a warm oil rubdown and then wrapped using six scarf like wraps, and followed with flax seed packs along her body to keep her warm and relaxed.

Sacred Belly Binding-$200 ($150- Doula clients)- includes the wrap, instructions, warming salve, and 1 visit from me to show you how to wrap yourself (extra visits are $75 each)
Ceremonial Bath- $100- includes all the bath supplies, candles, etc.
Ceremonial Tuck-in- $75
Belly Binding Wraps:
XS-S (9"x14 yards): Natural- $40        Dyed- $50
M (9"x16 yards):      Natural- $45        Dyed- $55
L (10'x18 yards):      Natural- $50        Dyed- $60
XL (10'x20 yards):    Natural- $55        Dyed- $65
Warming Herbs- $15
Warming Salve (4oz)- $20
(Discounts available for bulk orders)


*Contact me to help determine what size Belly Binding wrap you will need.